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IµS and applications

High-Brilliance Home-Lab X-Ray Sources: Status and Future

Applications with the Incoatec Microfocus Source IμS

High-Brilliance Micro-Focus X-ray Sources for Diffractometry

Bringing “Old” Crystallography Equipment Back to New Life: Upgrading Existing Diffractometers with State-of-the-art Microfocus Sources

Hard and soft condensed matter x-ray reflectometry and GISAXS studies using the incoatec microfocus source IμS

New Developments in Laboratory Microfocus X-ray Sources

System Upgrades with Incoatec´s Unique Microfocus Source and Scatterless Pinholes

Texture measurements on thin films using an X-ray microfocus source

GISAXS with Nanoparticles on Liquids and with Multilayer Films on a Lab Source

The Incoatec Microfocus Source for XRD-Applications

Protein Crystallography with a High-Brilliance Microfocus Sealed Tube

Progress in Using Short Wavelength Radiation for Chemical Crystallography

Novel Microfocus X-ray Sources for High-Pressure Crystallography

Microfocus X-ray Sources for Short Wavelength Radiation

Pushing the Limits of Microfocus X-ray Sources for Biological Crystallography

X-ray optics and synchrotron

Multilayer Optics for X-ray Analytics and Synchrotrons

State-of-the-art Multilayer Optics for Modern X-ray Analytics

Beam Conditioning in Cutting Edge X-ray Analytical Equipment for Home Labs and Synchrotrons

Trends on Multilayer X-ray Optics and Scatterless Apertures for X-ray Analytical Equipment

Trends on X-ray optics for synchrotron beamlines: large, nested, flat, curved, 1 or 2D, monolayer, multilayer or stripe multilayer

Trends on thin film X-ray optics and pinholes for synchrotron beamlines

Pushing the Limits of Microfocus X-ray Sources for Biological Crystallography


Improvement of SAXS Lab Equipment by Using Scatterless Apertures


High-brightness X-ray sources for structural biology

Light-Atom Structures: Absolute Configuration Determination and Beyond