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Incoatec Lunch Break

Staying in Touch in Times of Social Distancing and Nation-wide Lockdowns

The Incoatec Lunch Break invites you to a short intensive exchange of experiences, where we discuss, collect ideas and have lunch and coffee on the side.

incoatec 2020 - Home Office Edition

What we are doing, where we came from and what we can do for you - Coordinated Development of Tubes and Optics: New Possibilities for X-ray Analytics!

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Art conservation with an IµS

Unravel the invisible secrets in historical paintings of famous masters with an Incoatec Microfocus Source.

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Solving small, weakly diffracting samples with the IµS DIAMOND!

Inform yourself in the application note “Novel In-house Structure of a Cognate Chaperone-Toxin Complex

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